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Here you will find dozens of acrylic displays for countertop, wall-mount, floor, and slat-wall. We offer you a complete selection of literature holders, sign holders, business card holders etc. Most of our products are made from clear acrylic. However, different types of plastics and colours are available upon special request. Although, we have attempted to offer you a wide variety of displays, please do not hesitate to contact us with your custom request. Our capable staff will be very happy to work with you on any idea you may have, to create your own unique display.

(The prices shown below may vary based on the quantity ordered!)


Clear Acrylic Sign Holder

TT$110.00 (US$18)

Acrylic Two Pocket Counter Brochure Leaflet Holder

TT$145.00 (US$22)

Modern Acrylic Brochure Holder

TT$80.00 (US$12)

Clear Acrylic One Pocket Literature Holder

TT$130.00 (US$20)

Clear Acrylic Slant Back Sign Holder

TT$110.00 (US$18)

Acrylic 4 Pocket, 2 Tiered Brochure Holder

TT$280.00 (US$42)

6 Pocket, 3 Tiered Clear Acrylic Counter Literature Holder

TT$650.00 (US$100)

2 Pocket, 2 Tiered Clear Acrylic Literature Holder

TT$250.00 (US$38)

12 Pocket, 3 Tiered Clear Acrylic Counter Brochure Holder

TT$750.00 (US$115)

Acrylic 6 Pocket, 2 Tiered Pamphlet Holder

TT$420.00 (US$65)

2 Sided Clear Acrylic Poster Stand

TT$1750.00 (US$270)

2 Sided 10 Pocket Clear Acrylic Poster Stand

TT$2100.00 (US$322)

Business Card Holder

TT$50.00 (US$8)

Wall Acrylic Poster Holder with Brochure Pockets

TT$1250.00 (US$195)

Clear Acrylic Wall Rack With 3 Pockets

TT$350.00 (US$54)

Clear Acrylic Wall Mounted Sign Holder

TT$250.00 (US$38)

6 Pocket Rotating Brochure Holder

TT$480.00 (US$74)

Wall Acrylic Brochure Holders (24-Pocket, 4-Tiered)

TT$1450.00 (US$225)

3 Sided Rotating Literature Holder

TT$480.00 (US$74)

Business Card Holder 2

TT$50.00 (US$8)

Acrylic Clipboard

TT$70.00 (US$12)

Business Card Holder 3

TT$55.00 (US$10)

Name Card Holder

TT$45.00 (US$7)

2 Sided Name Card Holder

TT$55.00 (US$8)

Wooden Literature Rack

TT$1800.00 (US$275)

Acrylic Floor Standing Sign Holder

TT$1400.00 (US$215)

9 Pocket Acrylic Wall Mounted Literature Holder

TT$950.00 (US$145)

2 Tiered Acrylic Newspaper Rack

TT$0.00 (US$0)

10 Pocket, 2 Tiered Clear Acrylic Counter Pamphlet Holder

TT$695.00 (US$105)

3 Pocket, 3 Tiered Clear Acrylic Pamphlet Holder

TT$210.00 (US$32)

4 Pocket, 4 Tiered Acrylic Brochure Holder

TT$280.00 (US$42)

3 Sided, 12 Pocket Rotating Counter Brochure Holder

TT$920.00 (US$140)
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